The group companies of the trademark “VIDA” are registered in Spain and certified in the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. It is represented as one of the international brands in cosmetics, medical and laboratory products. Our knowledge depends on our experience since 1993 in developing and manufacturing cosmetic products that havethe highest quality standards and ensure the complete satisfaction and well-being of our customers.

We have established a strong partnership with famous international companies that have international approvals and certifications from different countries such as,USA, Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, China and India. In addition to other international companies that we work to make deals with them from time to time.


Our Quality Policy

We always make the best products from skin care and personal care products for you, and we offer you the most healthy purpose products. The quality of our dermo cosmetics products has been tested and approved in international laboratories. All our products consist of high quality formulations and a mixture of raw materials.

Our Corporate Structure

We are aware of the necessity of investing in high-tech machinery and equipment in order to achieve quality goals, and we maintain this, We aim to achieve quality targets with our employees, who will ensure that they absorb modern technology with training studies, and we continuously implement and continuously improve the Quality Management System as an institutionalized company..

ınhıbıtor serum

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